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IGK Smoothing Iron

IGK Smoothing Iron

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Most advanced smoothing iron for any hair type! The It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron delivers supreme style and attacks frizz, leaving hair sleek and straight.

Esthetically redesigned now in black soft-touch with reengineered internal elements for 2021.  Advanced nano-titanium technology makes this smoothing iron an improved conductor of heat. The new all-directional floating nano-titanium plates are flexible and adjust to your hair. The rounded edges of the plates allow for curling, adding volume, and straightening, no matter the texture, with minimal effort. This smoothing iron is designed to create a shinier, silkier finish in less time. With adjustable temperature settings you get greater control to achieve the perfect look. The slim curved design with the soft touch finish make this iron easy to use on any length of hair, even on bangs. 


  • Floating nano-titanium 1-inch plates
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Constant high heat from 265°f to 450°f
  • LCD temperature display
  • Slim profile, curved design, and soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort
  • Automatic 1-hour shut-off feature
  • 8ft cord, 360 degree swivel rotation
  • Rounded plate edges



"Very good flat iron. The titanium is what I was looking for. And this flat iron exceeded my expectations. I have course curly hair by the way. Straightens my hair like no other."




It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron FAQs

1. What are the plates made of?

The plates are made from titanium, using a nano-titanium technology. 

2. Will this work for my hair type?

Absolutely! With so many different temperature setting options, the It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron will work fabulously on all hair types. 

3. Can I use this smoothing iron to create waves? 

Yes. The It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron has rounded edge plates which make it very easy to curl or wave your hair.

4. What types of styles can be created with the It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron? 

You can of course straighten your hair, but with the It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron, you can also create slight beach waves, push waves, curls, tight waves, loose curls, and more!

5. Do I need anything to protect my hair from heat while using the It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron?

Always use a thermal protecting product when styling using heat. On clean, damp hair, spray the hair with Cote Hybrid Comb Out Spray to condition, detangle, and provide thermal protection. When the hair is dry and you want to use a product that gives hold and thermal protection, Cote Quinoa Holding Spray is my go-to styling spray with thermal protection.

6. What is the temperature range on this smoothing iron? 

The It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron can be set anywhere from 265 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit (129-221 degrees Celsius).

7. How do I clean my It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron? 

When the plates are completely cooled, dip a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and apply to the plates to remove product residue. Then wipe with a clean dry soft cloth.


Get this look with the It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron



Step 1: Cleanse

Shampoo and condition your hair with Cote Hybrid Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry, blow dry, or allow it to air dry until slightly damp.

Step 2: Detangle and condition

Spray Cote Hybrid Comb Out Spray focusing on the ends and brush/comb your hair thoroughly to distribute the product.. The Hybrid Comb Out Spray is a detangler, leave-in conditioner, and a thermal protectant.

Step 3: Finish drying

Blow dry or allow to air dry completely. Never straighten your hair while wet, as the iron may burn or damage wet hair.

Step 4: Heat up your iron

Plug in your It's Good Karma Smoothing Iron and let it warm up for 3-5 minutes

  • For thin hair, use the lowest heat setting.
  • For average hair thickness, use medium heat about 300–350ºF (149-177ºC)
  • For thick hair, use high heat, around 400–450ºF (204-232ºC). To be safe, you may want to start lower and work your way up until you can straighten the hair in one pass.

NOTE: If you aren't using a heat protectant, use low temperatures only. Be aware that there is a high risk of burning and damage.

Step 5: Section your hair

The thicker the hair, the more sections you need. People with thin hair can skip this step or divide their hair into two to four sections, while people with thick hair may need many more. Clip every section out of your way, except for one section of the lowest layer.

You'll be working with sections of hair 1–2 inches thick.

Section off the top section of your hair by lifting and clipping it out of the way, making it easier to straighten. Separate a section of hair. The section should be small enough that you can fit the flat iron around it easily and straighten it in one pass.

Step 6: Straighten

Clamp the iron above the roots of one of the sections you created about 1–3 inches away from your scalp. Straightening too close to your scalp may damage the roots or burn your scalp.

  • Close the two heated sides together, with the hair between them. Be sure not to clamp too firmly, as this will create a ridge at the top of your hair. Leaving the iron in one place for too long will also cause a ridge or a dent.
  • Slowly run the iron down the length of your hair. Keep the same amount of pressure on the hair at all times. Don't twist or move the iron from its path, or you may end up with crimps in your hair. Note: It is normal to see steam coming from your hair and the iron. Your hair is not burning; this is just the heat protectant evaporating a little. If you see a lot of steam, or smell burning hair, move the iron more quickly. If your hair is particularly curly or frizzy, start with a few short strokes near the top, before dragging slowly through the rest of the hair.
  • Repeat as necessary. If the section of hair isn't straight after the first try, go over it a second time. If this keeps happening, use a smaller amount of hair or raise the iron temperature.
  • Repeat with all remaining sections. Once you've finished one section, unpin the next and repeat. Work from the lowest layers of hair up to the surface.

Step 7: Smooth your hair down (optional) 

If you're left with a few flyaway hair strands, try smoothing them down with one of the following: 

  1. Rub a drop of Quinoa Smoothing Oil, about the size of a pea, in between the palms of your hands and apply lightly to your flyaways.
  2. Spray a little hairspray like Cote Hybrid Flex Spray over the flyaway strands, and comb them down. You may apply hairspray over all your hair to protect from wind and moisture. Hold the can 12 to 14 inches (30–38 cm) away from your hair.


3 Reviews
  • 5
    This is my second time using my smoothing iron and it glides so smoothly on my thick hair. Love it! My hairdresser told me about it and decided to purchase it.

    Posted by Katy-France Glassford on Jun 3rd 2020

    I recommend this product to anyone that wants smooth hair.

  • 5
    Smoothing iron

    Posted by Robin Wegner on Aug 2nd 2019

    Absolutely, hands-down the most amazing smoothing iron I have EVER used! Two tools in one-straightens & curls! This iron glides through the hair! Never fear, my fragile hair loves
    this smoothing iron.

  • 5
    Best Smoothing Iron I have ever used!!!

    Posted by Elle on Aug 2nd 2019

    Absolutely glides across my hair no resistance at all shine is incredible, The best smoothing Iron I have ever used.