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From the time I first became aware of the Cote Hair line, my experience working with the products and the Cote team has been overwhelmingly positive. Being able to introduce a product that is made by professionals - for professionals - was a huge factor in my decision to commit to Cote. I was frustrated by clients being able to purchase their hair styling needs at the supermarket, drug store or mall - now, with Cote, they buy from the salon and their response has been great. Our sales have definitely increased, as our clientele inquires "What's that new line - vegan, no paraben, no gmo - is that for me?" Now, with the introduction of Cote styling tools, we've created more excitement, and more sales!

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UTICA, NY 13502

Barber John

First of all...I'd like to Thank You! This is the only company I've humbly been a part of, where the President takes time to thank the Barbers and Stylists who are loyal to using Cotê. That enormous act of gratitude by you and your team do so much for the creative minds and hands of our industry. So, thank you!

I started using Cotê Molding Clay about three or four years ago when I was a barber educator. I was a little apprehensive at first, and without knowing a lot about the product line, I had assumed that it wasn't geared toward men's hair. I WAS WRONG! That stuff is amazing! Including Texture Cream and Hybrid Whip, Molding Clay quickly became my go to product for multiple applications on stage and in my shop.

The versatility of these products are limitless. From building volume, to separation and control. Calming and smoothing out stubborn grey hair and you even put a flat top up with it. Just like the the old pink Crew Comb used to. Only better!

Molding Clay is still my most used and sold product in my single chair suite!


Blain Adams Salon

One year ago I was searching social media for inspiration, and looking for a company that shared the artist passion. I found Cote. A couple conversations with Butch and Ira, and my life was forever changed. Cote has brought me to new levels in my career. Not only have I learned so much about what goes into quality hair products, my team at Blain Adams Salon and Branded luxury salon suites have been inspired to be artists again. Cote has made styling hair a enjoyable experience for our stylist and our guest. A new generation of haircare with performance powered by plants.

We love you Cote, Blain Adams

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627 MAIN ST 
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icon-instagram-grn.png @bymelindab

I see this client weekly for a wash and blow dry, and noticed when we started using @cotehair exclusively her red wasn't fading as much as before. So, we did a little experiment and took a pic every week to see if I was making things up, or if it was for real, and WOW! Anyone who has worn red can attest tot he difficulty of getting it to stick, but with @davinessnorthamerica color and #cotehair color safe products this red just keeps on going!


icon-facebook-grn.png Katie Terrell > Cote Hair

Big thank you to Cote Hair - Kate for bringing this amazing product through our doors! I used the Hybrid Conditioner in my direct dye on dry, bleached hair and now we have moisture, movement, shine, and most important of all healthy hair! I cannot wait to keep using this amazing product.



Hybrid Shampoo - Posted by Beth on Aug 20th 2018

I don't generally rave about shampoo or conditioner, I just move from one to the next. Not any more! I've actually found my forever brand in Cote! I have a bit of a frizz texture which makes it hard for me to blow dry my hair into the smooth styles that my stylist can. With Cote, I've been able to style my hair so easily, in literally half the time! Thank you for your amazing products!



Foam - Posted by Maddie Nippert on Feb 14th 2018

This styling foam is perfect for all hair textures. I use it to give volume and hold for blowouts and styles, as well for shaping and styling naturally curly hair. Most other products like this that I have tried have left the hair feeling sticky, and left a noticeable residue. This product is completely weightless but it delivers amazing results.



Sea Style Spray is the foundation for my hairstyle - Posted by Michael Stevenson on Oct 13th 2017

As a guy with thin hair, I know I can depend on Sea Style Spray to give me enough texture and volume for products like Cote Hair's Molding Clay to hold onto. With Sea Style Spray, my hair looks and feels fuller and it lasts until my next wash. The pomegranate smell is great too!