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Planting Our 1,000th Tree

Planting Our 1,000th Tree

Oct 8th 2018

We planted our 1,000th tree!

At Cote Hair, we get super excited about doing our part to support the environment, which is why we are so proud to be planting our 1,000th tree in collaboration with American Forests, a non-profit that has been dedicated to protecting and restoring our forests since 1875!

Why do we do it?

When we launched our newest product, Hybrid Flex Spray, as our first aerosol, Cote Hair made the commitment to not only provide you, the consumer, with the best possible hair spray, but to do it in such a way that we owned our responsibility to the environment.

Our Cote Hair customers have come to expect the incredible performance that our products never fail to deliver.

While there are many costs associated with doing business, we are proud to say that harming the environment is a cost we refuse to be responsible for.

We wanted to make a hair spray to serve the best interests of our customers, but how could we do it responsibly?

According to a research study, “Emission Characteristics of VOCs Emitted from Consumer and Commercial Products and their Ozone Formation Potential,” published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research International, of the variety of consumer products tested, “hair sprays showed the highest ozone formation potential.”

Uh oh! Should we stop using hair spray? Heck no! If doing your hair the way you like it makes you happy, and you need hairspray to do it, keep doing your thing.

If you were creating a budget for yourself, what sounds more enticing to you? Cutting out your $5 Starbucks drink that gets your day going on the right foot? Or simply finding a way to increase your income by $5 per day to accomodate what makes you happy?

Great hairspray = great hair = happiness. Be happy.

We don’t believe in completely avoiding products that may impact the environment. We believe in using them responsibly.

And that is why our company pledges to work with American Forests to plant a tree for every can of Hybrid Flex Spray sold.

Does that really help? One tree per Hybrid Flex Spray?

Since launching Hybrid Flex Spray a short while ago, we’ve now sold our 1,000th can and will soon be planting our 1,000th tree!

You might be wondering if you’re really making a difference by buying Hybrid Flex Spray and supporting our partnership with American Forests. The answer is a resounding YES! You are!

American Forests explains that 2 acres of trees provide enough oxygen for more than 500 people each year!

So how many trees are in an acre? Between 40-60.

Let’s put this in perspective… Since launching Hybrid Flex Spray, we have planted 1,000 trees. Using the low end (40 trees per acre), our Cote customers have helped us fill 25 acres of forests with trees.

You have helped us provide enough oxygen for 6,250 people for a year!! That is amazing! Go you!

Thank you for supporting our efforts.

What else does Cote do for the environment?

Cote Hair does everything in its power to make sure we’re as environmentally responsible as possible.

Cote Hair formulas are made in a solar-powered lab, packaging is made from recycled (and also recyclable) plastics, and we developed unique shipping methods to reduce our energy consumption. You’ve given me enough of your valuable time already, so we’ll chat about these efforts in future blog posts :-)

So what now? What can I do?

It’s like I said above, at Cote Hair, we’ve made a pledge to continue supporting American Forests by planting a tree for every can of Hybrid Flex Spray sold.

“Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each one of us can make choices to change that with the things we buy, the electricity we use, the cars we drive; we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero.”

- Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth

As a consumer, you can follow that credo, and spend consciously on products you know that are environmentally sustainable from companies that you know are doing the right thing by the environment.

And if you wanted to start by planting a tree, we certainly wouldn’t mind you taking a look at Cote Hair Hybrid Flex Spray